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* Release progress, week 7
@ 2022-11-24 16:47 Ludovic Courtès
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From: Ludovic Courtès @ 2022-11-24 16:47 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: guix-devel

Hello Guix!

Release progress: week 7.

  • ‘make assert-binaries-available’ reports 99% coverage (details
    below).  💪

  • Architectures:

     - i586-gnu: Instead of dropping i586-gnu from
       ‘etc/release-manifest.scm’, I fixed a few things, running ‘guix
       build’ on berlin to get substitutes there—almost there!

     - armhf-linux: I started builds manually on berlin and we’re almost

     - aarch64-linux, powerpc64le-linux: Likewise, filled the gaps
       manually and now we’re passing on both!

  • Installer:

    We seem to be ready to call for testing.

  • Release issue <> blocked by 1 open
    bug (1 fixed, 1 removed, and 1 new since last week):

    59519  LibreOffice fails to build on i686-linux

• Others:

     - Some Cuirass, offload, and infrastructure issues were fixed:
       Others are investigated: <>.

     - Nautilus crash fixedL <>

Mathieu created a ‘version-1.4.0’ branch.  As soon as ‘make
assert-binaries-available’ passes, I think we can produce a release
candidate (in the process we may find a couple of issues to fix) and
call for testing.  This could be done by next week.



Week 6:
Week 5:
Week 4:
Week 3:
Week 2:
Week 1:

computing 400 package derivations for x86_64-linux...
looking for 507 store items on ☀
  99.0% substitutes available (502 out of 507)
  at least 4,800.6 MiB of nars (compressed)
  8,080.7 MiB on disk (uncompressed)
  0.140 seconds per request (0.8 seconds in total)
  7.1 requests per second

  0.0% (0 out of 5) of the missing items are queued
  at least 1,000 queued builds
      aarch64-linux: 990 (99.0%)
      powerpc64le-linux: 8 (.8%)
      x86_64-linux: 2 (.2%)
  build rate: 339.14 builds per hour
      x86_64-linux: 302.52 builds per hour
      i686-linux: 41.67 builds per hour

Substitutes are missing for the following items:
  /gnu/store/c10jgnxjx5qx2h4lqy5h4ar6qidn7fmi-libreoffice-                                                                                                    i686-linux
  /gnu/store/d30mmhijhyy4kkykxikc28bnj9iad7zh-gcc-toolchain-12.2.0-debug                                                                                             i586-gnu
  /gnu/store/gz7l1491gwznwhwssd2h13y5ykrks11q-gcc-toolchain-12.2.0                                                                                                   i586-gnu
  /gnu/store/sfaigxk5z4xxxn8y1v05c2lz3hgb63gy-gcc-toolchain-12.2.0-static                                                                                            i586-gnu
  /gnu/store/v7xmdapgwgqgcnacf3qmapahgwfbgcsq-emacs-28.2                                                                                                             armhf-linux

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2022-11-24 16:47 Release progress, week 7 Ludovic Courtès

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