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  public-inbox uses Message-ID identifiers in URLs.
  One may look up messages by substituting Message-IDs
  (without the leading '<' or trailing '>') into the URL.
  Forward slash ('/') characters in the Message-IDs
  need to be escaped as "%2F" (without quotes).

  Thus, it is possible to retrieve any message by its
  Message-ID by going to:<Message-ID>/
    (without the '<' or '>')

  Message-IDs are described at:


  This public-inbox has search functionality provided by Xapian.

  It supports typical AND, OR, NOT, '+', '-' queries present
  in other search engines.

  We also support search prefixes to limit the scope of the
  search to certain fields.

  Prefixes supported in this installation include:

    s:        match within Subject  e.g. s:"a quick brown fox"
    d:        match date-time range, git "approxidate" formats supported
              Open-ended ranges such as `d:last.week..' and
              `d:..2.days.ago' are supported
    b:        match within message body, including text attachments
    nq:       match non-quoted text within message body
    q:        match quoted text within message body
    n:        match filename of attachment(s)
    t:        match within the To header
    c:        match within the Cc header
    f:        match within the From header
    a:        match within the To, Cc, and From headers
    tc:       match within the To and Cc headers
    l:        match contents of the List-Id header
    bs:       match within the Subject and body
    dfn:      match filename from diff
    dfa:      match diff removed (-) lines
    dfb:      match diff added (+) lines
    dfhh:     match diff hunk header context (usually a function name)
    dfctx:    match diff context lines
    dfpre:    match pre-image git blob ID
    dfpost:   match post-image git blob ID
    dfblob:   match either pre or post-image git blob ID
    patchid:  match `git patch-id --stable' output
    rt:       match received time, like `d:' if sender's clock was correct

  Most prefixes are probabilistic, meaning they support stemming
  and wildcards ('*').  Ranges (such as 'd:') and boolean prefixes
  do not support stemming or wildcards.
  The upstream Xapian query parser documentation fully explains
  the query syntax:

message threading

  Message threading is enabled for this public-inbox,
  additional endpoints for message threads are available:


    Loads the thread belonging to the given <Message-ID>
    in flat chronological order.  The "#u" anchor
    focuses the browser on the given <Message-ID>.


    Loads the thread belonging to the given <Message-ID>
    in threaded order with nesting.  For deep threads,
    this requires a wide display or horizontal scrolling.

  Both of these HTML endpoints are suitable for offline reading
  using the thread overview at the bottom of each page.

  The gzipped mbox for a thread is available for downloading and
  importing into your favorite mail client:


    We use the mboxrd variant of the mbox format described at:

  Users of feed readers may follow a particular thread using:


    Which loads the thread in Atom Syndication Standard
    described at Wikipedia and RFC4287:

    Atom Threading Extensions (RFC4685) are supported:


  This help text is maintained by public-inbox developers
  reachable via plain-text email at:
  Their inbox is archived at:

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