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* proposed additions to org-collector code
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@ 2021-08-30 22:18 ` Charles Millar
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From: Charles Millar @ 2021-08-30 22:18 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: emacs-orgmode

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First, I thank Slava Barinov for his proposed patch to appending a 
#+tblfm line to an org-collector table. Date: 17 Mar 2019 13:22:58 +0300
Message-ID: <87sgvl4wes.fsf@gmail.com> (raw)

Attached is my, in all modesty named, cm-org-collector.el in which I 
have added code to prepend name and attribute headers to the table, for 

* orgcollector experiment
:ID: test

** Heading One

** Heading two

#+BEGIN: propview :id "test" :cols (ITEM) :noquote t :defaultval "" 
:tblfm "@>$>" :tblname "That" :tblattributes "#+attr_latex: 
somethingelse" :content ""
#+name: That
#+attr_latex: somethingelse
| ITEM                    |
| orgcollector experiment |
| Heading One             |
| Heading two             |
|                         |
#+tblfm: @>$>

Please note that the :content param must be set to an empty string on 
the #+BEGIN: propview line. Without doing so, upon evaluation of the 
block, the table is updated; however, the following conditions result:
(error "(user-error Not at a table)")
the #+tblfm line is not replaced but an additional #+tblfm line is 
added, and
the #+name and #+attr headers do not reflect any changes to :tblname and 
tblattributes if made in the propview line.

I realize that org-collector is an orphan and that it requires 
additional documentation. (See Bastien's comments to Slava's message.)

That said, if anyone so desires, please consider these additions, make 
all appropriate changes and corrections and patch them to 
org-coolector.el. I believe that this additional code makes 
org-collector more useful as database tool. Instead of having to add 
headers after evaluation, those headers would be inserted at the correct 
point when the propview is evaluated. The resulting table can be called 
from other code blocks. Also, the #+attr header allows, I believe, for 
exporting as desired. (I tried only a latex to pdf and it worked OK.)

I imagine other header params may be included as well.

Charlie Millar

[-- Attachment #2: cm-org-collector.el --]
[-- Type: text/x-emacs-lisp, Size: 9154 bytes --]

;;; cm-org-collector --- Eric Schulte's org-collector modified to for Charlie

;; Copyright (C) 2008-2021 Free Software Foundation, Inc.

;; Author: Eric Schulte <schulte dot eric at gmail dot com>
;; Keywords: outlines, hypermedia, calendar, wp, experimentation,
;;           organization, properties
;; Homepage: https://orgmode.org
;; Version: 0.01

;; This file is not yet part of GNU Emacs.

;; This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
;; it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
;; the Free Software Foundation; either version 3, or (at your option)
;; any later version.

;; This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
;; but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
;; GNU General Public License for more details.

;; You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
;; along with GNU Emacs.  If not, see <http://www.gnu.org/licenses/>.

;;; Commentary:

;; Pass in an alist of columns, each column can be either a single
;; property or a function which takes column names as arguments.
;; For example the following propview block would collect the value of
;; the 'amount' property from each header in the current buffer
;; #+BEGIN: propview :cols (ITEM amount)
;; | "ITEM"              | "amount" |
;; |---------------------+----------|
;; | "December Spending" |        0 |
;; | "Grocery Store"     |    56.77 |
;; | "Athletic club"     |     75.0 |
;; | "Restaurant"        |    30.67 |
;; | "January Spending"  |        0 |
;; | "Athletic club"     |     75.0 |
;; | "Restaurant"        |    50.00 |
;; |---------------------+----------|
;; |                     |          |
;; #+END:
;; This slightly more selective propview block will limit those
;; headers included to those in the subtree with the id 'december'
;; in which the spendtype property is equal to "food"
;; #+BEGIN: propview :id "december" :conds ((string= spendtype "food")) :cols (ITEM amount)
;; | "ITEM"          | "amount" |
;; |-----------------+----------|
;; | "Grocery Store" |    56.77 |
;; | "Restaurant"    |    30.67 |
;; |-----------------+----------|
;; |                 |          |
;; #+END:
;; Org Collector allows arbitrary processing of the property values
;; through elisp in the cols: property.  This allows for both simple
;; computations as in the following example
;; #+BEGIN: propview :id "results" :cols (ITEM f d list (apply '+ list) (+ f d))
;; | "ITEM" | "f" | "d" | "list"                  | "(apply (quote +) list)" | "(+ f d)" |
;; |--------+-----+-----+-------------------------+--------------------------+-----------|
;; | "run1" |   2 |  33 | (quote (9 2 3 4 5 6 7)) | 36                       |        35 |
;; | "run2" |   2 |  34 | :na                     | :na                      |        36 |
;; | "run3" |   2 |  35 | :na                     | :na                      |        37 |
;; | "run4" |   2 |  36 | :na                     | :na                      |        38 |
;; |        |     |     |                         |                          |           |
;; #+END:
;; or more complex computations as in the following example taken from
;; an org file where each header in "results" subtree contained a
;; property "sorted_hits" which was passed through the
;; "average-precision" elisp function
;; #+BEGIN: propview :id "results" :cols (ITEM (average-precision sorted_hits))
;; | "ITEM"    | "(average-precision sorted_hits)" |
;; |-----------+-----------------------------------|
;; | run (80)  |                          0.105092 |
;; | run (70)  |                          0.108142 |
;; | run (10)  |                          0.111348 |
;; | run (60)  |                          0.113593 |
;; | run (50)  |                          0.116446 |
;; | run (100) |                          0.118863 |
;; #+END:

;;; Code:
(require 'org)
(require 'org-table)

(defvar org-propview-default-value 0
  "Default value to insert into the propview table when the no
value is calculated either through lack of required variables for
a column, or through the generation of an error.")

(defun and-rest (list)
  (if (listp list)
      (if (> (length list) 1)
	  (and (car list) (and-rest (cdr list)))
	(car list))

(put 'org-collector-error
     '(error column-prop-error org-collector-error))

(defun org-dblock-write:propview (params)
  "collect the column specification from the #+cols line
preceding the dblock, then update the contents of the dblock."
  (condition-case er
      (let ((cols (plist-get params :cols))
	    (inherit (plist-get params :inherit))
	    (conds (plist-get params :conds))
	    (match (plist-get params :match))
	    (scope (plist-get params :scope))
	    (noquote (plist-get params :noquote))
	    (colnames (plist-get params :colnames))
	    (defaultval (plist-get params :defaultval))
  	    (tblfm (plist-get params :tblfm))  ;; added per Slava Barinov propossed patch 
	    (tblname (plist-get params :tblname)) ;; added by cm
	    (tblattributes (plist-get params :tblattributes)) ;; added by cm
	    (content-lines (org-split-string (plist-get params :content) "\n"))
	    id table line pos)
	  (when (setq id (plist-get params :id))
	    (cond ((not id) nil)
		  ((eq id 'global) (goto-char (point-min)))
		  ((eq id 'local)  nil)
		  ((setq idpos (org-find-entry-with-id id))
		   (goto-char idpos))
		  (t (error "Cannot find entry with :ID: %s" id))))
	  (unless (eq id 'global) (org-narrow-to-subtree))
	  (setq stringformat (if noquote "%s" "%S"))
	  (let ((org-propview-default-value (if defaultval defaultval org-propview-default-value)))
	    (setq table (org-propview-to-table
			 (org-propview-collect cols stringformat conds match scope inherit
					       (if colnames colnames cols)) stringformat)))
	(setq pos (point))
	(when content-lines
	  (while (string-match "^#" (car content-lines))
	    (insert (pop content-lines) "\n")))
	(insert table) (insert "\n|--") (org-cycle) (move-end-of-line 1)
	(message (format "point-%d" pos))
	(while (setq line (pop content-lines))
	  (when (string-match "^#" line)
	    (insert "\n" line)))
  ;; added per Slava Barinov propossed patch
	(when tblfm
	  (insert "\n#+tblfm: " tblfm))
  ;; end SB patch
	(goto-char pos)
  ;; following to add headers to table
	(when tblname
	  (insert-before-markers "#+name: " tblname) (insert "\n" ))
	(when tblattributes
	  (insert-before-markers tblattributes "\n"))
  ;; end headers to table
	(org-table-recalculate 'all))
    (org-collector-error (widen) (error "%s" er))
    (error (widen) (error "%s" er))))

(defun org-propview-eval-w-props (props body)
  "evaluate the BODY-FORMS binding the variables using the
variables and values specified in props"
  (condition-case nil ;; catch any errors
      (eval `(let ,(mapcar
		    (lambda (pair) (list (intern (car pair)) (cdr pair)))
    (error nil)))

(defun org-propview-get-with-inherited (&optional inherit)
   (delq nil
	 (mapcar (lambda (i)
		   (let* ((n (symbol-name i))
			  (p (org-entry-get (point) n 'do-inherit)))
		     (when p (cons n p))))

(defun org-propview-collect (cols stringformat &optional conds match scope inherit colnames)
  ;; collect the properties from every header
  (let* ((header-props
	  (let ((org-trust-scanner-tags t) alst)
	     (quote (cons (cons "ITEM" (org-get-heading t))
			  (org-propview-get-with-inherited inherit)))
	     match scope)))
	 ;; read property values
	  (mapcar (lambda (props)
		    (mapcar (lambda (pair)
			      (let ((inhibit-lisp-eval (string= (car pair) "ITEM")))
				(cons (car pair) (org-babel-read (cdr pair) inhibit-lisp-eval))))
	 ;; collect all property names
	  (mapcar 'intern (delete-dups
			   (apply 'append (mapcar (lambda (header)
						    (mapcar 'car header))
      (if colnames colnames (mapcar (lambda (el) (format stringformat el)) cols))
       'hline) ;; ------------------------------------------------
     (mapcar ;; calculate the value of the column for each header
      (lambda (props) (mapcar (lambda (col)
			   (let ((result (org-propview-eval-w-props props col)))
			     (if result result org-propview-default-value)))
      (if conds
	  ;; eliminate the headers which don't satisfy the property
	  (delq nil
		 (lambda (props)
		   (if (and-rest (mapcar
				  (lambda (col)
				    (org-propview-eval-w-props props col))

(defun org-propview-to-table (results stringformat)
  ;; (message (format "cols:%S" cols))
    (lambda (row)
      (if (equal row 'hline)
	(mapcar (lambda (el) (format stringformat el)) row)))
    (delq nil results)) '()))

(provide 'cm-org-collector)
;;; cm-org-collector ends here

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