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* [PATCH] TODO: remove done items, adjust/add/abandon some
@ 2022-08-04  7:23 Eric Wong
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From: Eric Wong @ 2022-08-04  7:23 UTC (permalink / raw)
  To: meta

public-inbox-pop3d (and -netd) gives us POP3 support, and
it seems to work.  Proxy support can come independently,
probably after JMAP.

public-inbox-netd provides the multi-protocol "super server"
which allows code memory savings.  Work is ongoing to further
reduce memory use...

Automatically updating on TLS cert and key changes on
inotify/EVFILT_VNODE won't be done, since (IMHO) there's too
much risk of inadvertent updates on incomplete changes.
My same train-of-thought applies to auto-reloading on config
file changes: an admin may save a file halfway through a
multi-step change and auto-reloading can be too surprising and
break things.

I don't think lei+FUSE will be as portable or useful as a
local IMAP server (and maybe JMAP, eventually); but r/w IMAP
support would be nice..

Finally, git SHA-256 repo support will need to be taken into
 TODO | 17 +++++------------
 1 file changed, 5 insertions(+), 12 deletions(-)

diff --git a/TODO b/TODO
index 7a27fdd2..36055911 100644
--- a/TODO
+++ b/TODO
@@ -13,19 +13,13 @@ all need to be considered for everything we introduce)
 * support remapping of expired URLs similar to mailmap
   (coordinate with git.git with this?)
-* POP3 server, since some webmail providers support external POP3:
-  Perhaps make this depend solely the NNTP server and work as a proxy.
-  Meaning users can run this without needing a full copy of the
-  archives in git repositories.
-* HTTP, IMAP and NNTP proxy support.  Allow us to be a frontend for
+* HTTP, IMAP, NNTP, POP3 proxy support.  Allow us to be a frontend for
   firewalled off (or Tor-exclusive) instances.  The use case is
   for offering a publicly accessible IP with a cheap VPS,
   yet storing large amounts of data on computers without a
   public IP behind a home Internet connection.
-* support HTTP(S) CONNECT proxying to NNTP for users with
+* support HTTP(S) CONNECT proxying to IMAP/NNTP/POP3 for users with
   firewall problems
 * DHT (distributed hash table) for mapping Message-IDs to various
@@ -44,9 +38,6 @@ all need to be considered for everything we introduce)
 * Support more of RFC 3977 (NNTP)
   Is there anything left for read-only support?
-* Combined "super server" for NNTP/HTTP/POP3/IMAP to reduce memory,
-  process, and FD overhead
 * Configurable linkification for per-inbox shorthands:
   "$gmane/123456" could be configured to expand to the
   appropriate link pointing to the list archives,
@@ -155,4 +146,6 @@ all need to be considered for everything we introduce)
 * support pipelining as an IMAP/NNTP client for -watch + lei
-* auto-detect and reload on TLS cert+key changes in daemons
+* expose lei contents via read/write IMAP/JMAP server for personal use
+* git SHA-256 migration/coexistence path

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2022-08-04  7:23 [PATCH] TODO: remove done items, adjust/add/abandon some Eric Wong

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